Today is Law Enforcement Appreciation Day 2022. And Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken posted on social media a reminder to take time to “thank a law enforcement officer” today.

Mayor TenHaken wrote, “If you know a law enforcement officer, thank them today. If you don’t know one, give a thank you to the next officer you see.

They’ve answered a career calling to serve, to spend many nights and weekends away from family, to face uncertainty every single day, and to give of themselves so we can enjoy a safe and secure community.

It’s a huge calling, and we are blessed to have some of the best here in Sioux Falls.”

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According to, “National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day was created by multiple organizations in 2015 to express their gratitude for officers in the United States. In support of their services citizens are encouraged to do their part in thanking the law enforcers on this day.”

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