Laying out his plan for the future of Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken presented the capital program proposal for 2019–2023 on Tuesday.

And what is TenHaken focusing on? The essential needs of the city.

According to the Mayors play the $748.4 million five-year budget proposal refocuses city investments in the foundational needs for growth and renewal of Sioux Falls. The proposal includes $399.5 million in fee‑supported projects and $348.9 million in tax‑supported projects.

“The City has invested in some incredible facilities over the few years,” said Mayor TenHaken. “It’s time to focus on the long-term investments that will help Sioux Falls grow and sustain as a community.”

Upgrades in utilities will take a large portion of the budget.

Utilities will require a $374 million investment, including the $261.7 million upgrade and expansion of the water reclamation system and treatment facility.

Our city streets have been a big concern to residents.

The capital program proposal prioritizes $260 million for highways and streets. Investments in streets include rehabilitation of the Eighth Street bridge over the Big Sioux River, hundreds of blocks of street maintenance, and the major reconstruction of Minnesota Avenue from Russell Street to 18th Street, as well as 41st Street from Shirley Avenue to Marion Road.

Public safety investments include the construction of Fire Station 12 in 2020 to serve southeast Sioux Falls. The City will also plan for debt service on the new public safety training center. Parks and Recreation will also continue its rehabilitation and expansion of the bike trail system as well as cyclical park replacements of equipment and facilities.

Mayor TenHaken will present the entire 2019 recommended budget on Tuesday, July 31 at 2:30 PM at the Sioux Falls Orpheum Theater.

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