We'd all love to be rich and never have to worry about what we can and cannot afford.

But if winning the lottery isn't in the foreseeable future for you, it's nice to know we live in a place where you can live a high-quality life on a five-figure salary.

Sioux Falls has been named the top place to live in America on a $60,000 salary.

SmartAsset looked at a number of different factors from U.S. Census data, using the $60k figure because it represents the income bracket that the highest number of people fall into.

South Dakota's largest city graded highly with the highest median income in the top five ($61,058), as well as the second-lowest unemployment numbers for July 2020 (5.8%) in the top nine, the second-shortest average commute (17.4 minutes) in the top six, and the second-most number of entertainment venues (8.75 per 100,000 residents) in the top 10.

Sioux Falls is one of eight cities in the top ten with median housing costs under $1,000 a month.

The Midwest dominates the list with four cities in South Dakota's neighboring states all in the top ten.


  1. Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  2. Billings, Montana
  3. Lincoln, Nebraska
  4. Eau Claire, Wisconsin
  5. Wyoming, Michigan
  6. Appleton, Wisconsin
  7. Duluth, Minnesota
  8. Omaha, Nebraska
  9. Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  10. Lexington, Kentucky

Sioux Falls is up three spots from last year's list, when the city ranked fourth.

2019's number-one city - Appleton, Wisconsin - swaps places with Sioux Falls this year. Sioux City, which was tenth last year has fallen out of the top 25 in 2020.

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