This week we passed what is the financial equivalent of the glass being half empty or half full.

Sunday (October 15) marked six months from the day our Federal taxes were due, which also means six months from now we'll be paying Uncle Sam again.

And while paying taxes can be quite a burden for some of us, in Sioux Falls we don't have it nearly as bad as others around the country.

The website Best Life has ranked the 50 most tax friendly cities in the United States, based on the 200 places with the largest population bases.

Sioux Falls is an impressive 13th on that list, which analyzes tax data from the Tax Foundation, the U.S. Census, and individual state and city government websites, incorporating state and local income tax, sales tax, and property tax—as well as other taxes, such as alcohol, tobacco, and fuel taxes.

Here are Sioux Falls' vital numbers:

  • Population: 174,360
  • State Income Tax: 0.00%
  • Local Income Tax: 0.00%
  • State Sales Tax: 4.50%
  • Local Sales Tax: 0.00%
  • State Property Tax: 1.32%
  • Average Real Estate Taxes (County): $2,320
  • Cigarette Tax: $1.53
  • Alcohol Tax: $4.63
  • State Fuel Tax (cents per gallon): 30.00

Those zeroes on the state income tax, local income tax, and local sales tax lines are the keys to Sioux Falls' high ranking.

Besides South Dakota, there are six other states that do not collect income tax - Alaska, Florida, Nevada, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming.

It's no surprise that cities from the two most populated of those states dominated the list. Texas had 20 of the top 50, including four of the top five (Dallas was #1). Florida had ten cities on the list.

Nevada had four cities on the list.

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