City of Sioux Falls
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These days, $40,000 doesn't get you what it used to.

But in Sioux Falls, it can still go a long way compared to the rest of the country!

South Dakota's largest city is on AARP Magazine's list of '10 of the Best American Cities to Live Comfortably on $40,000 a Year'.

To make the list, cities had to pull in a high 'livability index', which focuses on housing affordability, access to work and recreation, transportation, healthcare, and safety.

The average score is 50. Sioux Falls' 66 is the highest livability score of any city on the list. That despite our median housing costs being third highest overall.

AARP has high praise for Sioux Falls:

The city ranks high on happiness measures, with abundant outdoor activity, a strong sense of community and a friendly spirit. More upsides: There’s no state income tax and one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country.

The other cities on the list (livability index):

  • Sheboygan, Wisconsin (65)
  • Eugene, Oregon (59)
  • Cheyenne, Wyoming (58)
  • Rochester, New York (58)
  • Bristol, Virginia/Tennessee (56)
  • Cleveland, Ohio (56)
  • Fort Walton Beach, Florida (55)
  • Canon City, Colorado (54)
  • Abilene, Texas (51)

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