I love Sioux Falls. And people that know me or listen to me on the radio know how proud I am to call Sioux Falls home. I like to tell people that the only person here who may be a bigger cheerleader for the city is Mayor Mike Huether. I moved here in 1996 and as most radio people do, I figured I'd move on after a couple of years. That didn't happen and I don't anticipate it happening because of all the city has to offer people of all ages.

Movoto.com recently came up with a list of "21 Things You Need To Know About Sioux Falls Before You Move There." It really works great to sell our city to someone who is considering moving here (and there are a LOT of people moving here). But it also works as a reminder to Sioux Falls residents who sometimes seem to forget that our city is a pretty great place to call home.

The article talks about the population growth, the business boom in our city, the 'white knuckle' commute that is experienced in much larger cities in non-existent here. It talks about our sports options and music options, the art scene. The facts that we still encourage 'the little guy/gal' in business, the runners and bikers paradise we have on the trails, and more.

Photo Courtesy of Christopher Reistroffer/Reistroffer Design

I'm originally from Minneapolis and anytime I have old friends come down to visit or get an opportunity to show off our city to national musicians who come through, they're always amazed at the friendliness of Sioux Falls and the beauty. I can't tell you how many of them have looked at moving here (and several have!)

The options we have for entertainment are pretty great even when compared to major cities. There seems to always be something to do, you just need to look for it. Especially when it comes to music in this city. The diversity is fantastic and the talent here, as I talk about incessantly, is incredible for this size of a community. On any given night, there could be 15 places to hear music. From rock to Americana, from blues to country, and to everything in between.

And look at all the festivals in Sioux Falls and the surrounding area! RibFest, JazzFest, Hot Harley Nights, Downtown RiverFest, Sioux River Folk Festival, GermanFest, Automania, the new Peach festival, Irish Fest, Arts festivals, the Sioux Empire Fair, the list goes on and on! No wonder so many people are moving here from all over the country!

In addition we have two excellent health care facilities, more and more non-chain restaurants are opening in the area giving us a variety of dining options, we have a new 12,000 seat venue opening this summer that will hopefully draw more national entertainment and sporting events to the city.

There are city pools, Wild Water West, Thunder Road, Sky Zone and more for kids. Well over a dozen area golf courses, Huset's Speedway, the Sioux Empire Fair, Catfish Bay Water Ski Park, Great Bear Recreation Park, and of course, Falls Park. The list of things to do is literally endless if you think about it.

And for those of you who were born and raised here in Sioux Falls that end up on Facebook talking about how boring Sioux Falls is and that there's nothing to do, you may need to leave the computer and wander around this amazing area we call home. Our city is being noticed across the country as a pretty great place to live. It's something many of us have known all along.