As the name implies, a "barndominium or barndo" is a barn or barn-like structure which is built to serve as a home, workspace, and play space. Another term used to describe these buildings is "shouse" - as in shop and house. I hadn't heard about them until I read an article on Pigeon 605.

No, you don't have to live with animals in the same area, unless you want to. One of the structures I looked at, did have the home built into the barn itself. But, most people who live in a barndominium or shouse have them custom-built, and the only resemblance to a barn is the exterior structure and style.

Pigeon 605 spoke with two barndominium owners who are thrilled with the results of their custom-built living spaces, and the co-owner of Reaves Building in Sioux Falls, Suzannah Reaves.

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You can totally blame this new trend on former HGTV Fixer Upper stars Chip and Joanna Gaines. Joanna made the "modern farmhouse" look incorporating "shiplap" the desired style for designers, decorators, and homeowners everywhere.

Of course, when they took on a barndominium -- it became a thing! Now there are no less than 3 zillion Barndominium websites and Facebook pages for Barndominium- - everything!

The reason? According to Barndominium Life, these structures take only days or weeks to build, as opposed to a traditional house which takes months. They are energy efficient, durable, have low maintenance requirements, and the interior customizing options are limitless.

We’ve seen structures that hold living quarters, workspaces, gyms, swimming pools, and entire equestrian riding arenas. Yet there is still enough space left over to park a class A motorhome.- -Barndominium Life

I couldn't believe the beautiful appearance of the featured homes on Pigeon 605 and the Reaves Buildings websites!

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