When you think about all of the things that make Sioux Falls so special, the list can be quite lengthy.

But what if you had to narrow it down to just a select few places that define South Dakota's largest city?

The folks at Pigeon 605 are attempting to do just that and they want your help.

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They have listed two dozen uniquely Sioux Falls locales as a starting point for the ultimate 'Seven Wonders of Sioux Falls' list:

  • Veterans Park
  • Sanford Sports Complex
  • Courthouse Clocktower
  • Outdoor Campus
  • Lake Lorraine
  • Great Plains Zoo
  • Kirby Dog Park
  • Arc of Dreams
  • Tuthill House and Gardens
  • State Theater
  • Mary Jo Wegner Arboretum
  • Japanese Gardens
  • Levitt Shell
  • Washington Pavilion
  • St. Joseph's Cathedral
  • Foundation Industrial Park
  • Bike Trail System
  • Falls Park
  • Pettigrew Museum
  • McKennan Park
  • Sculpture Walk
  • Denny Sanford Premier Center
  • USS South Dakota
  • Historic Downtown

If you choose to, you rank all 24 in order of your personal preference or you can just select your very own 'select seven'.

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Their goal is that you trust what your pigeon delivers and that you make time for what your pigeon delivers. In return, they’ll show sides of our community you didn’t know existed, make you smile, make you care, and help you feel a part of the place you’ve chosen to call home.

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