If you're a woman and you own a car, chances are you've probably been ripped off by a mechanic a time or two.

A recent study done by the website RepairPal finds women are overcharged an average of 10% more for car repairs than men.

Jill Trotta, who happens to be a licensed mechanic, started up the website to better educate women so they don't get ripped off.

If you go to the website it lists fair prices for most services offered at mechanic shops not only in your area but around the country.

Trotta says one of the biggest problems is many shops won't give women quotes over the phone.

"They want to get them in the shop and keep them in the shop. Once you drop your car off and go to work, it's really hard to pick it back up and take it somewhere else."

Trotta also found that the more expensive a woman's vehicle, the more likely she is to get ripped off.

Source: RepairPal

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