It is certainly not a question that is consider proper dinner table conversation, but deep down inside the topic is certainly one a lot of us are curious about.

How often do you have sex?

The brave folks at NapLab recently set out to discover the frequency of intimacy in America by conducting an American sex survey to unveil where people are getting the most lucky and how often people have sex.

Not surprisingly, they found that 20 somethings have sex around 80 times a year, or approximately once every four to five days. This rate declines over time, dropping to about 20 times a year for those in their 60s.

So which states are getting busiest across the country? Are how do we fare in this part of the world?

Well as it turns out, we've still got some passion around here.

Minnesota, Iowa, and South Dakota all landed in the Top 20 in terms of frequency per week. The North Star State is 11th (1.341), the Hawkeye State is 15th (1.227), while the Mount Rushmore State is 19th (1.135).

Only two states are getting busy more than twice a week.

STATES HAVING THE MOST SEX (frequency per week)

  1. Alaska (2.806)
  2. New Mexico (2.064)
  3. Vermont (1.702)
  4. Arkansas (1.666)
  5. Indiana (1.531)
  6. Hawaii (1.509)
  7. Oregon (1.472)
  8. Massachusetts (1.464)
  9. New York (1.390)
  10. New Hampshire (1.354)

A total of 23 states are sexually active less than once a week

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STATES HAVING THE LEAST SEX (frequency per week)

  1. Colorado (0.420)
  2. Maine (0.500)
  3. Michigan (0.511)
  4. Nebraska (0.545)
  5. West Virginia (0.638)
  6. Idaho (0.652)
  7. Wisconsin (0.661)
  8. Delaware (0.689)
  9. Tennessee (0.726)
  10. North Carolina (0.737)
Which States Have the Most Sex?

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