Apparently, 'tis the season for getting frisky. According to the NY Post, quite a few of us will be getting jolly over the Christmas holiday season. Surprisingly, more than half of all Americans have actually put sex on their schedule for Christmas Day!

That's cool. A little spiced eggnog will get the motor runnin' every time.

But where to do it? The brave respondents to an EdenFantasy poll revealed that 47% will do it in their childhood bedroom while visiting the parents. Hang on, Grandma!! Don't go in there!!! Ooooohhhhh!!!

Some more creative holiday hanky-panky spots include:

  • In the treehouse
  • Behind the Christmas tree
  • The shed
  • The bathroom
  • In the car

And my favorite response...on the roof! It's all fun and games until you both roll buck-naked off the roof and onto the front lawn.

Happy holidays and cue up 'Baby, it’s Cold Outside' to set the mood.




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