I'm doing this story for three reasons. First, it's National Popcorn Day on Thursday.

Secondly, there's a lot of controversy over the United States Presidential Inauguration the following day on Friday. There seems to be some mixed feelings about the man coming into office.

And third, I love popcorn. So I have to do this story.

OK, so we are divided on political views. But there's one thing most all of us can totally agree on. We love popcorn.

As a matter of fact, 92 out of 100 Americans are popcorn lovers. The study dug even deeper into our craving for the treat. Take a look at what was revealed:

Top 5 Most Popular Popcorn Flavors:

  1. Classic butter and salt (73% of Americans like this flavor)
  2. Cheese (37%)
  3. Caramel (32%)
  4. Garlic Salt (15%)
  5. Chocolate (14%)

Top 5 Occasions to Eat Popcorn:

  1. At the movie theater (63% of Americans like this occasion)
  2. When watching TV or movies (62%)
  3. Late night snack (30%)
  4. As an easy snack for when I get home (22%)
  5. At the office as a light snack (13%)

Top 3 Favorite Popcorn Brands:

  1. Orville Redenbacher (53% of Americans like this brand)
  2. Pop Secret (42%)
  3. Act II (34%)

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