School lunch rules will soon be rolling back to what they were before former First Lady Michelle Obama initiated changes. The USDA says the changes will impact approximately 99,000 schools and institutions and some 30-million students.

Under the direction of former First Lady Michelle Obama, the United States Agriculture Department revised lunch standards across the country by insisting more nutritious meals be served and limiting salt and sugar content.

Now that President Trump is in charge, the rules are being rolled back to what they were before President Obama was sworn into office. Schools will again be allowed to offer more food and drink options like flavored milk.

Not everyone is happy with the changes, however. The watchdog group, The Center for Science in the Public Interest, has since issued a statement accusing The Trump Administration of "putting politics before children's health."

Not everyone was happy with the Obama changes either. Some of the more vocal critics were the parents and students themselves, arguing the choices were so limited a lot of kids went through the day hungry for lack of food.

Source: ABC News

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