The cronut -- a combination croissant and doughnut -- became a culinary sensation when it debuted earlier this year, and now The Week says the Ramen Burger may be set to follow in its footsteps, with growing buzz over the creation of Keizo Shimamoto, who moved to New York City after managing Bassanova Ramen in Tokyo. The Ramen Burger is made up of a hamburger topped with a soy sauce-based "special sauce," scallions and arugula, sandwiched between two buns made from fresh ramen noodles that have been pan-fried. New York magazine reports that hundreds of people have waited in line for the Ramen Burger at Smorgasburg in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the only place where it's sold. There was also a recent story on the Ramen Burger on ABC's Good Morning America.

It kind of looks like a high-end Fair food to me, but as much as we like anything deep fried on a stick, I'd be MORE than happy to try this creation! How about you?