I had tickets to 8 freaking concerts in 2020! They’ve ALL either been postponed or canceled. How many of YOUR favorite bands were YOU going to see in 2020?

I don’t know about you, but at a concert, my routine, after the venue usher would either scan or rip away their part of my ticket, I always stuffed the STUB in the right rear pocket of my jeans, then I’d scurry off to grab a beer, then find my seat. Amazingly, most of those ticket stubs made it home with me! I’d throw them in my underwear drawer but would rarely look at them again.

The other night, I decided to dig them all out, the concert ticket stubs, and reminisce about the good ole days. What an AMAZING trip back in time I enjoyed...back to some of the best times of my life.

Underwear Drawer Ticket Stubs

I found tickets to see bands I’d completely forgotten that I’d seen. Like Journey, at the Sioux Empire Fair. Must’ve had too many Miller Lites that night. Plus, it was Arnel, not Steve Perry. It’s best to just forget about the Ice Capades, Kenny G and Bill Cosby shows...eeeww.

Steely Dan at Red Rocks, where the concert was interrupted by a hail storm that rolled out of the mountains. We all had to scatter for safety. Our friends grabbed cookie sheets from the pretzel vendor to put over their heads. I had open wounds in my head! Women in high heels and flip-flops, wading through hail up to their ankles. YouTube it sometime...

The Amy Grant concert was the same night as game 7 of the 1991 World Series. She was real cute! But thank God it went 10 innings, so I could dump off my date and race home to watch Jack Morris pitched a complete game for the win.

Found my ticket stub for the observation deck of the World Trade Center. It was open-air, calm, blue skies and you can see forever. Such a special day that I’ll never forget...

Tickets to the 3 Rolling Stones concerts I had the privilege to attend. Was supposed to see them this past May in Minneapolis, likely for the last time. Hang on Mick, Keith, Charlie, and Ron! Wear your masks, boys, and come play for us in 2021!

A ticket to see Paul McCartney and Wings at the Metrodome. Linda McCartney was still alive. I was in the sixth row and caught a beach ball that Paul spiked out to the crowd.

The most expensive ticket stub in my collection was Neil Young, acoustic, in Minneapolis, at the Orpheum. Over $300! That historic theater seat was so confined, I felt like I was in a child’s car seat. He wouldn’t allow the crowd to talk. And NO alcohol sales after the concert began. Weirdo, but totally awesome musician!

Page and Plant. Are you effing kidding me? The closest I’ll EVER get to see the mighty Led Zeppelin.

My two Van Halen tickets. I should say, one Van Halen and one Van Hagar. RIP, Edward Van Halen...

Nine RUSH concerts. Yep, they were my boys, and always will be. My favorite band in the universe. I had the privilege of seeing them twice within three days in May 2015 on their R40 Tour, which was their final tour. RIP Neil Peart... the greatest rock drummer and lyricist in the world.

I won’t take up any more of your time. I want you to go to your underwear drawer, dig down to the bottom, and pull out your concert ticket stubs, I mean, your memories. I’ll see you at the beer stand at a concert in 2021!

~ guest post by Scott Smith, Sioux Falls, SD

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