A Minnesota woman - 39 weeks pregnant - saved her husband's life AND gave birth to their son, all within a matter of days. It happened last week in West St. Paul.

Ashley Goette thought her husband Andrew's snoring was what woke her up, but she soon realized he was gasping for air, suffering from cardiac arrest. She immediately called 9-1-1, but at 39 weeks pregnant, she started to panic.

Not knowing if she could perform CPR on her husband, the dispatcher carefully talked her through it, telling her to just pull him down to the floor. It was then that a police officer and ambulance pulled up in front of the house.

Andrew was rushed to the hospital and put into a medically induced coma. A few days later, doctors say he came out of the coma - just hours before Ashley gave birth to their son.

The best news of all - the entire family is doing okay, everyone is expected to recover fully, and they're all now celebrating their new lease on life.

Source: MPR News

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