Keep those candles handy this year, you might need them.

A new report says the Tri-State Area (South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota) is primed for 'widespread blackouts' in 2024.

But it's not just us.

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How Reliable is the Midwest's Electricity?

NERC_WRA infographic_ 2023_board information copy
NERC_WRA infographic_ 2023_board information copy

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) is projecting that power outages couple impact two-thirds of people living in North America at some point this year.

They point to extreme weather conditions and increased usage of electrical grids as the main contributing factors.

So which area of the country has the biggest risk of interruptions to the power supply?


The report says the system at highest risk is the Midcontinent Independent System Operator, which according to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, serves all or parts of South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota, as well as Montana, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas.

Can We Expect the Same Issues Next Year?

But we'll be alright after 2024 right?

Not so fast.

NERC says these same prolonged power outages will persist over the coming decade.

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