It sounds like Halloween ended up being a real bang in Aberdeen this year.

KSFY TV is reporting Aberdeen police responded to a wellness check of an elderly man on (October 31), when they came upon an unexpected surprise in the man's residence. While conducting a search of the home, they discovered the man had a 60 MM M28A2 anti-tank heat rocket. After all, who doesn't have a couple of those lying around, right?

According to the report, the man had served in the Korean War and returned home with the munition.

KSFY reports, a USAF Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit was dispatched from Ellsworth Air Force Base to help contain the situation. The team ended up transporting the anti-tank round to the Aberdeen gun ranged where it was disposed of by detonation. That would have been awesome to witness first hand.

Before disposing of the round, authorities were forced to evacuate eight nearby homes as a precaution.

KSFY says no charges were filed against the former Korean War veteran.

Source: KSFY TV

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