When you think of billion dollar businesses in the United States, South Dakota companies usually don't come to mind. But the largest earning company in the Mount Rushmore State brought in revenues in the nine-zero range last year.

POET, the Sioux Falls-based ethanol and biorefined product manufacturer, had $4 billion in revenues in 2017, making it the largest earning company in South Dakota, based on figures from S&P Global.

Largest Company in Every State

POET launched its first ethanol plant in Scotland, South Dakota, in 1986. The company now operates 28 plants in seven different states.

South Dakota is one of 13 states to have its top earner bring in less than $10 billion last year.

Only Maine, West Virginia, Mississippi, New Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska, Montana, and Wyoming had top earners with less revenue in 2017.

The biggest earning states are Arkansas (WalMart - $486 billion), Texas (ExxonMobil - $226 billion), Nebraska (Berkshire Hathaway - $224 billion), California (Apple -$216 billion), and Minnesota (UnitedHealth Group - $185 billion).



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