If you've been paying attention to the news lately you know that it's been a tough go for some of the major retail chains in the United States as more and more consumers turn to the digital world for shopping and turn away from traditional box stores.

One of the many chains that has been hit hard by this new reality of shopping is Pier 1. The Texas-based home furnishing and decor store, founded in 1962, recently announced that it was shutting down nearly half of its more than 1,000 stores worldwide.

What we didn't until this week was which 450 stores would be shuttering and whether the lone Sioux Falls location, on West 49th Street, would survive.

As part of it Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing Monday (February 17), Pier 1 released the list of locations that will be closing and the Sioux Falls store is not among them.

Several states were hit hard by the cuts.

California stands to lose more than 40 locations, while Ohio (24 stores closing) and Texas (20 stores closing) were also significantly impacted.

South Dakota's neighboring states will also be losing Pier 1 locations. Minnesota has 12 stores in the list, while Iowa and Nebraska will see the closing of four stores each.

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