There's a new trendy flavor craze out there that you may or may not want to try out. It's pickle juice. And a couple major food chains are offering it.

KFC debuts fried chicken coated in pickle juice:  Although the fast food chain has been offering pickles on their sandwiches for years, the brand decided to take it a step further by tossing their signature 11-spice fried chicken into a pickle-based sauce.
According to a representative, the mashup began in response to customers who continually asked for more pickles on their sandwiches. Instead of topping each sandwich with a few more vegetables, the company decided to create a sauce of dill and vinegar flavors mixed with hints of garlic, onion, buttermilk and pepper. The new chicken will be offered as a Crispy Colonel Sandwich, Extra Crispy Tenders, Chicken Littles and Extra Crispy Chicken.

And in a related story pickle juice slushies are coming to Sonic: Food & Wine reports that Sonic plans to roll out pickle juice slushies to locations nationwide yet in June. F&W‘s Maria Yagoda says, “It’s surprisingly delicious and makes a good accompaniment to burgers, tots and corn dogs. It's sweet and tangy!” I ask, tangy, or just plain gross?

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