Anyone who has ever purchased a lottery ticket has dreamed of the day when you check the numbers after the drawing and find that you are a winner.

But what happens if those posted numbers aren't legit?

That dream quickly becomes a nightmare for the Iowa Lottery.

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Some unlucky players in Iowa know that feeling.

IA Lottery Blog is reporting that the Iowa Lottery initially reported the wrong winning numbers for Monday's (November 27) Powerball draw.

Lottery officials say 'human error' led to the incorrect numbers being posted for 15 hours before they were corrected at 3:30 PM Tuesday (November 28).

The actual winning numbers were: 2-21-38-61-66 and 12 (Powerball). The Power Play number was 2

There is some good news for some of those players who thought they had won.

Lottery officials say that anyone who claimed their 'winnings' while the incorrect numbers were published will get to keep their money. Those amounts ranged from $4 to $200.

In a blog update on Wednesday, the lottery said the Powerball prizes won under the incorrect numbers ranged from four dollars up to $200.

It is unknown how many of the nearly 4,000 prize-winning tickets in Monday's drawing were the result of the incorrect numbers.

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