A combination of weather, insects and international trade tensions may keep one of your favorite desserts off the Thanksgiving table this year. Seems a pecan shortage has taken hold of the country.

Trade tensions with China are having a huge impact on pecan growers. This year alone, the tariff on pecans have gone from 7% to 47%.

In Oklahoma, it's bugs causing havoc. Weevils in the state have knocked out entire fields of pecans.

In Georgia - the nation's leading pecan-producing state - farmers planted their pecan crops, only to see Hurricane Michael come through and destroy everything overnight. Lawmakers there recently met in special session to fund relief.

Estimates are this year the number of pecans available to consumers could be down by as much as 35%. Combine all that together and what do you get? A triple threat to a Thanksgiving staple - pecan pies - that's what.

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