I'm always amazed what topics come up on 'live and local' morning radio. For example, recently we wondered whether it's physically possible to pop your bladder.

It all started when we were going through our Big Book of Stuff and learned that Magician Siegfried of Siegfried & Roy was celebrating a birthday (he turned 71 on 6/13/17).

I had the pleasure of seeing their show in Las Vegas back in the 1980's when they were at their peak. Still to this day I have no idea how they made that elephant disappear.

We were sitting so close to the stage that when the elephant decided it needed to pee we all stood up and backed away so we wouldn't get splattered on.

That's when the conversation "took a one-eighty." The next thing I knew I was admitting over the air that that was the fullest my bladder has ever been.

Sure it's great sitting in the front row - until it's time to exit the building. I couldn't find a bathroom fast enough.

I can still remember to this day the pain I was in. Fortunately I made it just in the nick of time. Whew!

So then (of course) we had to ask the question if it's physically possible to pop your bladder?

Thanks to listener Linda from London she helped us find the answer. No - your can not pop your bladder, but it's amazing how much fluid that thing will hold.

Wow! The things you learn by listening to the radio!

Source: Business Insider


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