Ever since November 2, 1889, South Dakota and North Dakota have been bitter rivals.

It was on that day 128 years ago that both achieved statehood - North Dakota grabbing the 39th star of the American Flag, South Dakota the 40th.

From that day on, the battle for supremacy between the upper Midwest neighbors has been a constant.

Dakota Marker Trophy
South Dakota State University

South Dakota State and North Dakota State even battle it out on the football field, each fall, for the right to bring home the Dakota Marker Trophy. The trophy is designed to resemble the actual markers that once signified the border between the two states.

The bragging rights that go with that trophy are big, but don't come anywhere close to something that really hits close to home - the battle of the cheap beer.

And this one is no contest!

Thrillist has just released the results of a study done by Simple Thrifty Living on just where you can find the least and most expensive cases of beer in the United States.

South Dakota is a very respectable 11th overall on the cheapness meter - with an average price of $16.88 per case, based on the prices of Bud Light and Miller Lite at ten stores in different areas of each state.

Most Expensive Beer
Simple Thrifty Living

To find North Dakota, you'll have to travel nearly all the way to the bottom of the list where the Peace Garden State checks in with the fourth most expensive beer in the country - $21.38 per case.

That's a $4.50 per case difference between the two states.

It's a good day to be a South Dakotan!

By the way, the 'Cheap Three' states:

  1. Michigan - $14.62
  2. California - $14.87
  3. Illinois - $15.00

The 'Expensive Three':

  1. Pennsylvania - $21.98
  2. Tennessee - $21.97
  3. Texas - $21.66

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