A city Council meeting proved to be the undoing of a Sioux Falls movie theater's goal of selling alcohol during feature films. The council shot down the dream by a vote of 8 to 0 Tuesday night to deny a malt beverage license for the West Mall 7 Theater. According to KSFY, The council went on to voice concerns of alcohol being served where minors are present.

Really. You mean like nearly every restaurant and sporting event? Good grief, even Chuck E Cheese will sell mom or dad a beer.

Perhaps the council envisioned a rowdy Rocky Horror Picture Show type atmosphere during a film like Beauty and the Beast. Don't you go in that castle, girl. He's beastly!

Not likely.

One concern was an arcade across the hall from the theater. Even though there is a casino down the hall, the council did not want beer that close to the arcade saying, "it's not the same." Ummm...

Perhaps the idea will be revisited in the future.

On a sidenote, if you haven’t visited the West Mall 7 lately you really should. New comfortable seating, fair concession prices, and a cheap ticket to get in to see late-run movie is a great experience.

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