Cooler weather, changing colors, yes... it's Autumn! Newton Hills State Park is a great place to go Saturday with the entire family for a day of total fun!

The 23rd annual FestiFall will be held Saturday, October 7 from 2:00 PM to 11:00 PM. This outdoor festival will entertain you with arts and crafts, kid’s activities, and musical entertainment. Over 40 craft vendors alongside many food vendors.

This will be an all-day affair and stick around after the sun goes down for the Candlelight Walk which leads visitors along 2.2 miles of candle-lit trail through the deep woods of Newton Hills. This 2.2 walk goes through the woods of the park and is lit by candles and carved pumpkins. There will be stations along the way to listen to music, stories, watch magic, and more. Take as much time as you need and enjoy the way.

Newton Hills is located at 28767 482nd Ave, Canton, SD 57013.

Plus, you can make a weekend out the FestiFall by making camping reservations in the park, but it is a very popular weekend to camp. And just a heads is a state park so SD Park License is Required.

Newton Hills is a 1,063-acre state park is home to ample trails, watersports, wildlife, camping, and more.

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