Anyone who lives in South Dakota already knows that most people in the state are among the friendliest you can find anywhere.  Now it appears that the rest of the country has caught on to the secret.

According to a recent survey by ranking states by best and worst neighbors, South Dakota comes out on top for having the best neighbors.

1000 people were surveyed in all 50 states and were asked a variety of questions about what would make a good or bad neighbor.

Some of the traits that make a good neighbor is:

  • Neighbors clean up after pets do their business, pets that don't dig holes in yards or don't allow their dogs to constantly bark outside.
  • Do you know your neighbor's name?  A study from 2015 shows that about 33% of Americans never met their neighbors.
  • No lawn clutter or hoarding things like cars, excessive use of yard decorations or couches used as lawn furniture.

South Dakota, Vermont, and Rhode Island all tied for having favorable opinions about their neighbors.  Louisiana, Mississippi, and Kansas were near the bottom.

Contributing source: NewsCenter1


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