One of the areas where the country has yet to fully recover from the effects of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is the labor force.

A recent report from NBC News shows that there are currently 3.5 million fewer people employed these days compared to pre-pandemic levels, with only fewer than 68 percent of American men and less than 57 percent of women actively working these days.

In a number of those cases, not having a job is a choice not a byproduct of an economic downturn, as unemployment numbers are still under six percent nationwide.

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Experts hope that as the health of the nation returns, so will the workforce.

In the meantime, for those looking to find a job now, South Dakota is one of the top places to be.

Career Builder has the Mount Rushmore State second to North Dakota as the best state in America to find work.

According to their research, South Dakota has a whopping 9.17 jobs available per 100 unemployed people, a number that is more than seven times bigger than the next closest state.

BEST STATES FOR JOB SEEKERS (Jobs per 100 unemployed persons)

  1. North Dakota  - 9.96
  2. South Dakota - 9.17
  3. Georgia - 6.78
  4. New Hampshire - 6.39
  5. Minnesota - 5.46
  6. Alaska - 4.89
  7. Nebraska - 4.87
  8. North Carolina - 4.69
  9. Kansas - 4.69
  10. Tennessee - 4.56

According to Career Builder, South Dakota's most popular job is a Certified Nursing Assistant, with 91 positions available out of the 1,118 total jobs (7.66%) posted in the state over the last month.

WORST STATES FOR JOB SEEKERS (Jobs per 100 unemployed persons)

  1. California - 1.25
  2. Nevada - 1.32
  3. Louisiana - 1.5
  4. New Jersey - 1.69
  5. New York - 1.91

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