That's a nice looking steak isn't it? (and we LOVE what's next to it!) But that's about a 12 ounce steak.

A 120-pound mother of four ate a steak SIX times this size, a 72 ounce behemoth in just THREE minutes at a Portland, Oregon restaurant.

Molly Schulyer completed what may be a world record at Sayler's Old Country Kitchen where she took the one hour challenge. Yes, the restaurant gives you sixty minutes to complete what Molly did in three!

By the way, 1500 people have taken the challenge, ten women have actually completed it.

And since she had 57 minutes left on the clock, Molly even polished off the side dishes.

If you're inviting the Schuyler's over for a cookout, you're going to need more food. A LOT more food!


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