I've lost track of the number of times so far in 2020 that I've thought to myself 'I've never seen/done/heard THAT before'.

It's been that kind of year, and we're not even halfway done!

The latest headscratcher was this week's story by Yahoo!Life about the latest fashion trend inspired by the COVID-19 outbreak and the extended period of time a lot of us spent at home - Bedroom Bikinis - where women pair all or part of their swimsuits with various pants, jackets, hats, and jewelry all in the hopes of adding a little flair to what has been a rather mundane existence during this pandemic.

But when bikinis aren't an option you need a different outlet to make a fashion statement during these unusual times.

Jeff Harkness/Townsquare Media
Jeff Harkness/Townsquare Media

For me, the choice was obvious, rummage through that closet of yours and rock those t-shirts.

As it turns out it was a great reminder for me that a lot of these shirts represent a much happier time or place in my life.

COVID-19 Fashion Statement: My Favorite T-Shirts

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