If getting away from it all is one of the biggies on your bucket list then pay close attention to these places in the Tri-State (South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota).

In all reality, calling them 'places' might be a bit misleading.

These are wide open spots on a map, far, far away from civilization.

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It's all part of a quest to find the most secluded spot in each state.

24/7 Wall St. teamed up with the scientific publication Nature to find the most remote location, based on the longest estimated travel time to the nearest city.

South Dakota's most remote spot (GPS coordinates: 44°42’15″N, 102°55’15″W) is an unnamed road in the western part of the state, between Highway 212 to the north, Highway 79 to the west, Highway 34 to the south, and Highway 73 to the east.

It's estimated that the nearest city is eight hours and 11 minutes away.

Iowa's most secluded place is not nearly as far from civilization.

It's located in the north-central part of the state (GPS coordinates: 43°13’15″N, 94°05’45″W) with Highway 9 to the north, Highway 169 to the west, Highway 18 to the south, and Highway 39 to the east.

The estimated distance to the nearest city is two hours and 43 minutes.

Minnesota is home to one of a dozen or so places that are at least ten hours away from any sort of population center.

It's called Coleman Island (GPS coordinates: 48°18’45″N, 92°01’15″W), which is just south of the Canadian border, along the banks of the Namakan River.

When you're finally ready to get back to the real world, you'd better pack a lunch. The to the nearest city is ten hours and 40 minutes.

And while that seems like a lot, it's nothing compared to the most remote spot in America - Amatignak Island, in Alaska (GPS coordinates: 51°13'15.0"N 179°07'15.0"W) - where the closest with is more than three days away (84 hours and 37 minutes).

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