Drivers in Sioux Falls will be facing another series of potential traffic delays to start the new week.

The South Dakota Department of Transportation has announced that work on a pair of off-ramps on Interstate 229 will impact traffic, Monday (October 11).

Sawing and sealing joint work on southbound I-229 is scheduled for Exit 2 (Western Avenue) through Exit 1 (Louise Avenue), beginning at 6:00 AM.

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Southbound I-229 traffic will remain open in the driving and auxiliary lanes while work is being performed in the southbound passing lane.

Once that work is complete, crews will move to the Louise Avenue northbound off-ramp, where sawing and sealing will begin either Monday evening or Tuesday (October 12) morning.

During that work, the Louise Avenue northbound off-ramp will be closed .

All construction is expected to be completed by Tuesday evening

The $2.9 million project includes PCC pavement repair and asphalt concrete resurfacing on I-229 northbound and southbound from Exit 1 (Louise Avenue) to Exit 2 (Western Avenue).

Central Specialties of Alexandria, Minnesota is the prime contractor for this project.


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