Thanksgiving will look a lot different at some dining room tables across America this year as a number of us have decided to scale things way back due to concerns about the possible spread of COVID-19.

That means many of us will be bypassing the opportunity to sit in a room full of family members on this turkey day.

But that doesn't mean you have to miss it altogether.

Apartment Therapy says legendary tequila maker Jose Cuervo is giving you the chance to clone yourself—in cardboard form.

Cardboard Cutouts
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Inspired by all of the cutouts in the stands at sporting events in 2020, the liquor company has launched the 'Doppeldrinker' campaign, which will give the lucky winners a place at the Thanksgiving table without actually having to show up.


You can enter on the Jose Cuervo website by entering your birthday (you need to be at least 21) and home state. You’ll then upload a full-size photo of yourself holding your favorite drink (doesn't have to be Jose Cuervo, but it wouldn't hurt your chances if it was) and provide the address you’d like your cardboard cutout to be sent.

Given how tense some gatherings can get, especially when it comes to politics, this may be how you show up at every family get together from now on.

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