When you think South Dakota and international travel, Canada immediately comes to mind. After all we are just about 400 miles from our neighbor to the North.

But when it comes to leaving the USA, we apparently choose climate over convenience, which is why South Dakotans prefer to head South - to Mexico.

According to InsureMyTrip.com, the Mount Rushmore State is one of 16 states that choose Mexico above all other international travel destinations. All 16 states who prefer Mexico are West of the Mississippi River. Of the other six states on this side of the Mississippi, five, including North Dakota, rank the Caribbean ahead of Mexico. The lone remaining state, Montana, has a penchant for all things British, traveling to the United Kingdom ahead of all other international destinations.

Favorite International Destination

The overall winner is the Caribbean , with a whopping 26 states expressing a preference for traveling to places like Jamaica, Turks and Caicos, St Lucia and Antigua.

There are a few states who buck the overall trends. Hawaiians generally head to Japan, while folks in four Northeast states - Connecticut, Maine, New York and Vermont  - prefer to do their international vacationing in Italy.

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