South Dakota officers worked together statewide sharing information about a drug dealer coming back to South Dakota with a vehicle full of meth to sell.

The first bit of information released on Wednesday (March 1) about the Monday (February 26) arrest of a smaller dealer in Watertown.  The suspect was handcuffed in a drug free zone with $16,000 cash and just over 5 grams of meth.  As the information of Amos Hall IV and his arrest was released, police also said there was a more significant arrest that also took place, but they weren't revealing the details just yet.

A few days later Watertown Police say their ongoing investigation led to the arrest Joshua Paul, 37, of Watertown in Corson County, South Dakota. Investigators working the case got information that Paul was on his way back to Watertown from California and in possession of narcotics. The information was shared with law enforcement statewide. On Wednesday afternoon, (March 1) a Corson County sheriff’s deputy located the vehicle Paul was driving on U.S. Highway 12 near McIntosh, South Dakota.

Paul was arrested and was in possession of 6.3 pounds of meth, a firearm and other drug-related items.  To keep the amount of meth in perspective, one half of a gram is considered a hit.

Both suspects are being held in the Walworth County Jail.


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