Police have arrested a suspect wanted for his role in looting a business during the Sioux Falls riot on May 31.

Dakota News Now reports 20-year-old Samuel Darshaw from Sioux Falls was arrested Thursday, August 20. Police say fingerprints taken from an iPad case found on the ground at the Verizon Store on 41st Street and Kiwanis Avenue were sent to the state crime lab matched Darshaw's. Police issued a warrant for Darshaw on August 19 and he was arrested on August 20.

Dakota News Now
Dakota News Now

Darshaw told police he was in Des Moines the night of the riot. After police told Darshaw that they had surveillance footage of him from that night, he admitted to being part of a group of people who went to the Verizon store to steal cell phones.

According to Dakota News Now, Darshaw told police that he never went into the store, but he did admit to throwing rocks at the windows. Dawsaw says was handed a stack of cell phone cases and dropped several of them in the ensuing chaos. Darshaw fled the scene in the back of a pickup. He left the remaining cases in the pickup.

Police found spent handgun shell casings at the Verizon store. Darshaw said he was aware someone fired a gun, but he denied knowing anyone else involved in the break-in.

Police arrested Darshaw for felony third-degree burglary and intentional damage to property. According to the owner of the Verizon store, around $1,500 in items were stolen and $3,000 in damage was done to the store.

An investigation continues in hopes to identify the other suspects connected to this break-in.

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