The Mark Patrick Seminars are coming to Sioux Falls on Saturday, September 4 at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites.

Mark Patrick Stop Smoking and Weight Loss Seminars combine hypnosis, programming, guided visual imagery and powerful technologies all designed to help people eliminate unwanted smoking cravings and your desire for cigarettes, or to eliminate unwanted food cravings and late day eating binges!

Mark Patrick explains how it works:

Hypnosis occurs when you’re fully relaxed and your mind wanders somewhere between full consciousness and sleep. This altered state, or trance, is when the mind is open to positive suggestions. When it was learned that most of our ingrained habits come from our subconscious, it became clear why so many people fail at change. It’s why willpower is not enough to get people to quit bad habits or behaviors — because we’re never consciously aware of the patterns or memories that rule us. That’s why the power of suggestion given to me via hypnosis got me unstuck. And contrary to popular belief, I remember exactly what went on during my sessions. Now I can employ it without having to think about it consciously when I’m faced with temptation or I’m in danger of slipping back into old habits.

Don't think you can be hypnotized? Too skeptical you say? According Patrick, some of the best success stories have been skeptical people.

Typically a skeptical person is a very analytical person. Teachers, Engineers and Law Enforcement officers tend to be highly analytical personalities. Their conscious, or analytical, side of their brains works in fourth gear all the time!!! What this means is that it analyzes information at the speed of light and it is programmed to always look for the imperfections or for what is not right. Basically, analytical personalities are problem solvers, and many times they have difficulty relaxing. The great news about hypnosis is that you just need to relax to the best of your ability for it to work.

The people Patrick has helped include Ellen DeGeneres, Kevin Costner, Matt Damon, Jackie Kennedy, and Louis Anderson.

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