Is this the year you up your Thanksgiving dinner hosting game? Are you taking your recipes to the next level? Well, why not do the same with your kitchen and enter to win a Kitchen #Upgrade.

You'd be shocked to see what you could do with a $500 Visa gift card:

  • Invest in that kitchen gadget you didn't even know existed until two weeks ago but you saw on Pinterest that it's a game changer.
  • Rip off those "builder's special" kitchen cupboard handles and replace with something that screams "you."
  • Replace your mismatched early-'90s fast food restaurant freebie glasses with some nice dishwasher-safe goblets.
  • Finally get one of those bouncy area rugs that stop your back from hurting after chopping veggies for hours on end.
  • Replace your blender that gives a jackhammer a run for its money in the decibel department.

And because you shouldn’t cook on an empty stomach, we’re tossing in a $100 grocery gift card, too!

*This is a multi-market contest. Contest ends Nov. 14, 2018.

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