By now, you've no doubt seen it going around on your Facebook feed. It's called the 'Album Challenge'. Someone from your friend's list nominates you and for the next ten days you simply post a photo of an album cover each day that had a major impact on you. No descriptions, no explanations.

Well thanks to my good buddy Ric in California I've been nominated, but since I can't ever seem to follow the rules, I'm doing my own modified version of the challenge.

First, there is NO WAY I can narrow down nearly 45 years of collecting LPs to just ten, but I did trim my list to a tight two dozen or so (OK, 25, but who's counting).

Second, I am going to include a brief blurb on each album because I think it's important to understand why we connect with the things we do. And just for fun, I've listed my favorite deep cut on each album.

Last week, I began back in the late 60s and came all the way thru 1977 with my first 11 picks.

This week, I pick up in my high school days and bring it all the way to the 2000s with 14 more memorable albums.

So off we go with Part II (in chronological order):

Jeff's Album Challenge (Part II):

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