Despite winning every game during his absence, the Philadelphia Eagles have missed the presence of their standout Tight End Dallas Goedert during his recovery from injury.

The good news is that the absence may soon be coming to an end.

Goedert, who suffered a fractured forearm earlier in the season, has missed the team's last two games due to the injury sustained in the team's win over the Cowboys.

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The veteran might be back as soon as this weekend:

Goedert practiced for the first time since fracturing his forearm earlier this month.


“I gotta talk to the doctor, let him know how it felt. To me, my arm feels really good and I’m really excited to be where I’m at at this time,” Goedert said, via Brooks Kubena of

We'll just have to patiently wait-and-see what happens moving forward with Goedert, but the team will surely get a boost when he does return this season.

Since being drafted by the Eagles in the second round of the 2018 NFL Draft, Goedert has 3,407 receiving yards and 21 touchdowns in 78 career games.

The Eagles play host to the red-hot San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, a 3:25 kickoff time on FOX.

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