The story authored by San Francisco 49ers rookie QB Brock Purdy last season won't soon be forgotten. Unfortunately, the tremendous story had a tough end, as the QB was sidelined in the NFC Title game with an elbow injury.

Now, following surgery and at the beginning stages of his rehabilitation, the former Iowa State Cyclone star isn't offering a certain timeframe on his recovery.


For the 49ers, the worst-case scenario would be that Purdy is forced to miss the entire 2023 season and although that seems unlikely at this point, the 23-year-old did admit that it was at least a possibility. During a recent interview with Yahoo Sports, Purdy was asked if he would be able to play during the upcoming season and he confessed that he was "not really sure, honestly."

Of course, this doesn't necessarily mean that Purdy will miss any time at all, it just likely means that he's not ready to say when he might be able to return to the field. The quarterback just underwent surgery on March 10, so it's barely been a month since his operation. The good news for the 49ers here is that everything has gone "as planned" so far through the first month of rehab. 

It isn't as dire as a guarantee that he would miss time next season, but it certainly is worrisome given the circumstances and time frame of his injury.

Given the delay in surgery and the time at which the injury occurred, it was already an uphill battle for Purdy to be asked to be ready for the start of the 2023 season.

It seems as though Purdy is being realistic and measured in his response to what is a very tough injury to recover from as a quarterback in the NFL.

Time will tell how the intriguing QB situation for the 49ers plays out, but it remains a promising one with a pair of young potential starters including Purdy and 3rd year QB Trey Lance.

Source: CBS Sports - MSN

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