Okay, all of you 70s music lovers, do you remember a rather obscure late 70s song from an artist named Bobby Caldwell? The title of this tune was called "What You Won't Do For Love."

As we draw closer to Valentine's Day, the one day each year that's set aside for lovers, what are you willing to do to find the love of your life?

Lord knows it's not easy to find love. You can suffer a lot of broken hearts and broken bank accounts along that journey. Look no further than the divorce rate in the world right now to affirm that fact.

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So, just how hard is it to find love, if you're still on the prowl for it here in the state of South Dakota?

The good news is, we are in the top 10 when it comes to states in the nation that are relatively easy to find lasting love in.

A company called Slotsource.com did a study to determine which states are the easiest and which states are the hardest to find love. South Dakota ranked #10 in the nation.

Their findings revealed that 29.2% of the households in the Rushmore state are single. And the average cost of a date here in South Dakota is dirt cheap compared to other states, at only $38.27.

Geesh! I wanna know where these people are going on these dates. I went to lunch the other day, and my bill alone was nearly $25.00!

What are we dealing with here, a bunch of cheapskate daters dining on McDonald's Value Meals?

When it comes to online dating, we South Dakotans tend to use the sites Tinder and Bumble the most often when searching for help looking for love. And hopefully, it's not in all the wrong places as Johnny Lee would say.

If you happen to be looking for the easiest path to a love of a lifetime, you should consider relocating to Washington D.C. Slotsource has them ranked #1 in the nation.

And if you're looking for lasting love at an affordable price, here's another bit of good news. Just hop in the car and motor over to the state of Iowa. According to Slotsource, Iowa has one of the lowest divorce rates and cheapest average date costs in the nation.

Something to keep in mind for all you frugal-minded folks looking for a fairytale ending.

Source: Slotsource.com

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