Sioux Falls Great Bear Ski Valley is experiencing a tough winter. Snowboarders and skiers across the Sioux Empire have barely hit the slopes at Great Bear Ski Valley due to the unseasonably warm Sioux Falls winter.

But have "snow" fear! Sioux Falls Great Bear Ski Valley made the exciting announcement that the slopes have re-opened...TODAY! 

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Colder weather is saving the day, which is perfect for snowmaking magic and keeping Great Bear Ski Valley open for as long as possible!

In a new Facebook post to all Sioux Falls winter lovers, staff at the Great Bear Ski Valley are optimistic about the new layer of snow on the ground at the slopes.

It looks like Mother Nature is giving the Great Bear Ski Valley a well-deserved break.

The weather was finally in our favor the last 36 hours allowing us to make some SNOW! The crew has a lot to push out and groom today and tomorrow, but we'll be ready and waiting to see you all Monday morning!

The Sioux Falls weather forecast for this week is going to be interesting. Our weather partners at Dakota News Now are predicting daytime temperatures to be warmer than usual. Sunshine and dry conditions look like they will be around for the foreseeable future. However, the overnight temperatures are looking pretty chilly.

Here's the latest forecast:

  • Monday: High of 42 and low of 23
  • Tuesday: High of 48 and low of 27
  • Wednesday: High of 52 and low of 30
  • Thursday: High of 45 and low of 25
  • Friday: High of 44 and low of 28
  • Saturday: High of 50 and low of 34
  • Sunday: High of 53 and low of 33

Even though the weather is not ideal for winter fun, officials with Great Bear Ski Valley say the freezing temperatures overnight will be a big help!

Reminder: The Kirby Family Tubing Park at Great Bear Ski Valley is staying closed for the remainder of the season.

For more information visit or give them a call if you have questions at 605-367-4309.

Hit the slopes while you can during this short-lived South Dakota winter!

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