It's back to school time here in Sioux Falls and around the nation. Even though I'm in my extremely late 30s I still get a certain feeling this time of the year. I guess it may just be that almost ingrained sense of urgency that comes with the dissolving summer and the anticipation of opportunity at the start of a new season.

I can still recollect the smell of industrial floor cleaner in the halls of Crosby-Ironton High School in northern Minnesota. And the feeling of anxiousness hoping I'd remember where my new locker was and that I'd memorized the right combination. One thing I don't remember is wondering what my teachers made.

There are and have been many teachers in my family. My dad, one of his sisters and brother, along with their father, and my two brothers have spent decades in front of classrooms educating almost countless kids. I never wondered what they made.

Inevitable this time of year, for a number of reasons, the topic of what Sioux Falls and other South Dakota teachers make comes up for discussion. My brothers turned me onto this most perfect answer to that question by poet, humorist, and teacher, Taylor Mali. Watch this short video and see if you don't think this is the best response ... ever?

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