As the transition from winter to spring takes place, we typically encounter some of the wettest weather of the year.

And with that abundance of moisture, some conservation-minded and budget-minded people are thinking about collecting that water and putting it to good use.

But can you legally do that?

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Can You Collect Rainwater in South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota?

It depends on where you live.

According to World Water Reserve, while rainwater harvesting is legal at the federal level, there are currently restrictions in 17 states ranging from requiring permits for collection or limiting the amount that can be harvested in one place.

The only restriction on rainwater harvesting in the Tri-State area (South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota) is in the Mount Rushmore State, where you'll need a permit if you plan on collecting more than 25,920 gallons of water per day.

Otherwise, it's completely legal in South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota.

One county in the North Star State even kicks it up a notch. Washington County, in southeastern Minnesota (County Seat: Stillwater), actually offers financial aid for homeowners looking to install a rainwater collection system.

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