Is Grand Falls Casino in Larchwood, IA going to offer sports betting?

That question is still unanswered but is becoming a hot topic as the state of Iowa has now voted to legalize sports betting.

Grand Falls has not publicly made an announcement, but the guess by many is that indeed, they will offer sports betting at some point.

By adding sports betting, the reasoning wouldn't be based solely on turning a big profit on sports betting as the margins aren't as high as slots or table games, but by adding sports betting, the hope would be that more traffic would come through the doors, increasing revenue across the board.

Since Grand Falls Casino is so close to Sioux Falls and is just across the Iowa border, many Sioux Falls residents would most likely make the trip to the casino to place wagers as well.

That raises the question of when will South Dakota follow?

If they state was smart on this topic, it would be sooner rather than later in order to optimize the revenue that will be going across the boarder until they do.

Time will tell, but one thing is for sure, Grand Falls Casino could become the sports betting mecca of the area if they wanted to offer the option to bet on sports now that it is legal in the state of Iowa.

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