When it comes to what to put on your Thanksgiving dinner table this week, most of us agree on the turkey, but after that preferences vary wildly depending on where we live.

A new Fox News study of the latest Google Trends finds that when it comes to one popular side dish, we can't even decide on what to call it.

The latest online search data shows that 32 states are on the hunt for the best 'stuffing' recipe, while the other 18 states are looking for 'dressing'.

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Stuffing Preferences
Google Trends

Even what we want in our stuffing/dressing is a very regional thing.

Cornbread stuffing dominates in the Southern States, stretching as far north as Michigan and Maine.

The dish is also the most searched-for variety in Iowa.

Minnesota's top choice is also corn-based, but this cornmeal dressing. The North State is the only place in America where this is the preference.

South Dakota's go-to is sausage stuffing. It is also the top selection in Alaska, New York, North Carolina, Massachusetts, and Virginia.

Some of the nation's most unusual preferences include stuffing with apples (Washington), stuffing wrapped in bacon (Nevada), jalapeno cheese stuffing (Hawaii), stuffing with Greek yogurt (Utah), keto cauliflower stuffing (North Dakota), cranberry stuffing (Indiana), stuffing with raisins (Pennsylvania), and even red jello stuffing (Oklahoma).

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