The longest highway in America was recently transformed into the country's biggest speed trap.

On July 13, a dozen states along U.S. Highway 20, which stretches 3,365 miles from Newport, Oregon to Boston, Massachusetts, took part in the Highway 20 Speed Enforcement Project, which is designed to promote traffic safety and reduce crashes.

In all, nearly 400 speeding tickets were issued on the highway that day during select two-hour time periods in the morning and evening.

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U.S. Highway 20

Iowa is home to a 300-mile stretch of Highway 20, which spans the Hawkeye State from Sioux City in the West to Dubuque in the East.

According to an Iowa State Patrol press release, the state teamed up with law enforcement agencies in Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and Massachusetts for the bimonthly event, which resulted in 691 drivers being pulled over.

Of those 691, speeding tickets were written to 389 drivers, 295 warnings were issued, and seven motorists received assistance.

Authorities did not indicate how many of those tickets and warnings were issued in Iowa.

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