In a major announcement this week, a $2 billion theme park is in the planning stages along the famed Route 66 in Oklahoma. How cool is that??

The epic family theme park, American Heartland, is scheduled to open in 2026 featuring six themed lands: Great Plains, Electropolis, Bayou Bay, Big Timber Falls, Stony Point Harbor, and Liberty Village. It will be hundreds of acres and rivals the size of the Magic Kingdom at Disneyland.

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American Heartland Theme Park
Artist reedition courtesy of American Heartland

Adjacent to the theme park, a 300-acre RV park is being built for those traveling in by camper and recreational vehicles. Called the Three Ponies RV Park and Campground, it's surrounded by tranquil trees, water, and all amenities. Far less expensive than the hotel rooms and condos surrounding Disney parks.

"We're here to develop something that's going to help all the people, not only in northeast Oklahoma but in all the surrounding states and all through the Midwest because what we're bringing here is often not found anywhere except on the east and west coasts." ~ Gene Bicknell, American Heartland founder and chief creative officer.

artist reditions from American Heartland
artist renditions from American Heartland

This is a game-changer for Midwest families who want good wholesome fun in a theme park without having to travel to either coast. Once built, the design and investing team expects nearly 5 million visitors per year.

American Heartland will be located near the town of Vinita in Northeast Oklahoma, about an 8 1/2 hour drive from Sioux Falls.

To learn more and see more artist renditions and information, see the American Heartland Theme Park website.

Meanwhile, the Disney travel blogs are none too thrilled about the new theme park calling it a "consolation prize for those who can't make it to the real Disneyworld." Ouch. Sounds like the embattled House of Mouse better buckle in tight. Could be a bumpy ride in the competitive theme park universe.

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